A step-by-step list to provide to your clients prior to showings or photo shoots.




High Dynamic Range photography is the standard in professional Real Estate Photography. This method is done using a high quality camera with a wide angle lens to provide optimal views of the interior and exterior spaces. Don't let bad weather ruin our shoot - blue skies are guaranteed, regardless of rain or clouds. All photos are delivered with professional editing on the day following our shoot.

14 Photos | $139
25 Photos | $159

36 Photos | $179
50 Photos | $199


"High End" Editing

  • Digital removal of all cables and wires.

  • Digital fire in fireplace (if applicable)

  • Grass Greening

  • 2 Virtual Twilight Photos (1 Front, 1 Backyard)

| +$99

  • Virtual Twilight Photo added to all TV screens

  • Object removal (within reason)

  • Lamp color correction / adding missing light bulbs

  • Digital pool cleaning (within reason)


There's no better way for your listing to stand out on the MLS than it does with a twilight cover photo. Convert any daytime or evening photo to an attention grabbing twilight scene by adding a beautiful sunset and digitally turning on all exterior and interior lights.

1 Virtual Twilight Photo Conversion | $25
12 Real Exterior Twilight Photos | $299*

*This price reflects visiting the property during the evening solely for the purpose of  capturing exterior twilight photos. Call if you have any questions.

25 photos | $349
36 Photos | $369
50 Photos | $399

Interior & Exterior HDR Twilight Shoot

press to zoom

press to zoom

press to zoom

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Virtual Staging

Digitally convert any scene from boring to WOW! Virtual Staging helps buyers visualize the potential of the provided space. But be aware, it's very important to disclose that these images are digital renderings in the MLS description! I will also included copies of the photos that have text disclosing them as digital renderings.

1 Photo   | $49

3 Photos | $129

6 Photos | $239


press to zoom

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Aerial Photos

Add aerial images to your photo shoot to display where the property lies in relation to neighbors, freeways, parks, schools, or any nearby attractions with the help of address and location tags. This also gives potential buyers the opportunity to view things like roofing,  solar panels, yard size, pools and scenic views.

6-9 Photos | $99

10-12 Photos | $129

*Add-on pricing.


3D Virtual Tours

Let your buyers tour the home from the comfort of their home with a 3D Virtual Tour. This has proven to be a great way to market your listing and attract more clients to want to sell with you.

$129 | 0-1,999 sq/ft

$149 | 2,000-2,999 sq/ft

$179 | 3,000-3,999 sq/ft

$209 | 4,000-4,999 sq/ft

3D Tour

$99 | 0-1,999 sq/ft

$119 | 2,000-2,999 sq/ft

$129 | 3,000-3,999 sq/ft

$149 | 4,000-4,999 sq/ft

Floor Plan



Highlight and Walk Through video's not only help sell the home, but also help sell the agent. 73% of homeowners say they're more likely to sell with a Real Estate Agent who uses video to market their listings. Include yourself with an Agent Intro to give the beginning your own personal touch. 

$129 | Aerial Video + Photo Slideshow
$299 | 60 Seconds
$399 | 120 Seconds
+$69 | Agent Intro Add-on
+$49 | Aerial Video Add-on
$149 | 60 Second Aerial exterior video

Lifestyle Video | Call for custom pricing

Please contact me if you don't see a package that fits your needs.